Talking to your Child

It’s a conversation that no parent wants to have with their child but talking to your child in ways that will protect them and other children from sexual abuse is important. It’s also not as scary as it sounds; the phrase “sexual abuse” doesn’t even come into it.

Simple conversations to keep your child safe:

Privates are private

Anything covered by your underwear is private and no one should ask to see or touch the parts of your body that are covered by your underwear. No one should ask you to look at or touch the parts of their body covered by their underwear either. If this happens you should say no and you should tell someone you trust.

Sometimes family members at bath time, nurses or doctors and this is ok but they should always explain to you what they are doing and ask you if it is ok. If you don’t feel like something is ok you should tell someone you trust.

Your body belongs to you

Your body belongs to you and only you. If anyone ever tries to make you do something with your body that you don’t like or that makes you feel funny you should tell someone you trust.

No means no. 

You can say no, even to mommy, daddy or another family member. How you feel is important and you are in control of your own body.


Speak up about things that make you feel unhappy or worried

If there is something upsetting you or worrying you talk to a grown up about it. You can tell a family member or someone else you trust like a teacher.

Nobody should ask you to keep a secret.

No one should ever tell you to keep a secret from us (your parents). There is a difference between a surprise and a secret. A surprise feels good to know and has a time limit, like a surprise party, or a special gift you helped pick out for your brother. A  surprise makes you feel good, safe, comfortable, excited, special, and happy.

A secret is something that you know inside is bad but you might be afraid to tell or that makes you feel worried, confused, scared, and nervous. Anytime you have any of those types of feelings that is the exact kind of secret that you need to tell – even if you promised not to.  If you’re not sure if it is a secret or a surprise then always tell someone; you will never be in trouble for telling.

There are safe touches and unsafe touches

A good touch is a touch that makes you feel safe and happy like a hug from your mom or dad.

A bad touch is a touch is a touch that makes you feel uncomfortable, that hurts or makes you feel scared. It’s a bad touch if someone touches you where or when you don’t want them to, and it’s bad for someone to ask you to keep it a secret. You should always tell someone about bad touches.

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