Child Abuse Myths

The Myths About Child Abuse

The possibility that your child, or any child, could become a victim of child sexual abuse is unthinkable. However, in the United States around 1 in 8 children are sexually abused before their 18th birthday. As adults, whether we are parents, teachers, or concerned community members, we have the responsibility to educate ourselves on the ways we can be involved to bring an end to this silent epidemic in our own communities.


All too often children are shamed or threatened into keeping the abuse a secret, they may feel they cannot tell or they may not have the words to tell it. We need to learn the possible signs of abuse so that we might recognize when a child is being harmed, and where ever possible prevent abuse from occurring by educating ourselves and our children. The Children’s Advocacy Center Of The Bluegrass raises awareness around the ethical responsibility we have as adults to speak up for children when they need us most.


A Child’s Safety is an Adult’s Responsibility

Child victims are counting on you to speak up for them. A child’s safety is our responsibility as adults. Believe children when they tell you someone has hurt them, and pay attention to other signs when they don’t. You may be the only person who can help them. Speak up and end the cycle of abuse in a child’s life!


Kentucky law explicitly states that anyone who suspects or has reasonable cause to believe that a child is experiencing abuse or neglect has a duty to report it. If ever in doubt about making a report, please call the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Children throughout our community are counting on you to speak up for them.